Community Pharmacies

Community Pharmacies

The demand for ear and hearing healthcare is skyrocketing. With GPs scaling back these services and NHS wait times increasing, communities are seeking accessible solutions.

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, pharmacies are becoming essential hubs in our communities.

Partnering with TympaHealth gives you the opportunity to provide a convenient 30-minute appointment that encompasses comprehensive ear examinations, state-of-the-art wax removal , and 4 frequency hearing checks.

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How Tympa Can Benefit Your Pharmacy

Increase Customer Footfall: Position your pharmacy as the premier hub for ear and hearing care, attracting more foot traffic and expanding your customer base.

Enhance Customer Loyalty: By offering a service that directly addresses a pressing need, you’re forging deeper connections with your customers, fostering loyalty that transcends convenience.

Build Revenue for Your Pharmacy: Ear and hearing health services are in high demand, and customers are willing to pay for accessible, efficient care. This translates to a substantial revenue stream for your business.

Respond to High Consumer Demand: The gap in ear care services is undeniable. By stepping in, you’re not just meeting a need; you’re catering to an ever-growing demand.

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What Our Customers Say

"Demand for this service is huge. We are always fully booked 2 weeks in advance. I could stop doing anything in my dispensary and only see patients for microsuction such is the level of demand." Doug, Bell Pharmacy
"Our staff have access to quick advice and guidance during consultations from ENT professionals and audiologists which provides extra reassurance to both our staff, and our patients." Natasha, G.M. Graham Pharmacies
“Having everything I need in one device is a huge advantage to me for my business!” Monument Hearingcare
“With Tympa I can help people in my community who can’t travel to a clinic.” David, James David Hearing Care
“Patients are coming to us first, before going to the GP” Gordon, Largue Pharmacy
The Tympa is a great machine! I love using it as I can clearly see the structure of the ear and the wax on the large screen. It makes my job so much easier! Another feature of the Tympa I love is the ability to take high-resolution images via the Tympa HD Otoscopy, as I share these with my patients Neeraj, Reach Pharmacy
"There is always someone to ask for help if you need it!” Rachel, Castlegate Pharmacy
"We chose the Tympa System because we were so impressed with the quality of images from a handheld device. As we also wanted to take the system out into the community to support care home residents, we realised that the portability of the system would benefit us." Helen, Makewell Clinic

Hear from Pharmacies using Tympa

Tympa Best Features – Bryan, Ashludie Pharmacy

Bryan Kydd, owner of Ashludie Pharmacy, to find out what his favourite features of the Tympa System are, and how these have helped him to deliver a brand-new service into his pharmacy. Learn more

“The Tympa support is why I chose them” – Cadham Pharmacy

Bernadette, owner of Cadham Pharmacy, shares that the TympaHealth support is why she chose to deliver ear and hearing healthcare with Tympa. Learn more

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