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Penwith Ear Care remote review tympahealth - feature

Remote Review enables Allied Healthcare Professionals to deliver expert care in the heart of the community

Recently a patient sought assistance from Penwith Ear Care in Cornwall after the patient had been to see a local audiologist for their annual hearing test and hearing aid check. The audiologist referred the patient to Penwith Ear Care as they noticed a large amount of wax in both ears, so could not proceed with their annual check-up.  
25th May 2022
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Feet First Foot Clinic: Tympa is a natural fit for any foot health practitioner

We got in touch with Gillian Clancy from Feet First Foot Clinic who has recently expanded her Foot Health Practitioner service to include ear and hearing health check-ups.
25th May 2022
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Community focused domiciliary ear and hearing healthcare with Tympa

After realising there was a significant barrier to access ear and hearing healthcare in her local community, Andrea decided she wanted to help by setting up her own domiciliary service ‘Brooksies Home Services’ using the Tympa system.
25th May 2022
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Clean Ears – “I really want to help people in care homes!”

We got in touch with Andrew Goodwin from Clean Ears who started his business this year.  Andrew is determined to help residents in care homes gain access to vital ear and hearing healthcare services by using the Tympa system.
17th May 2022
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Montifieth Pharmacy-tympahealth-case-study-feature

Ashludie pharmacy – “We have had full clinics every day!”

After discovering the Tympa system on social media, Bryan at Ashludie pharmacy in Monifieth has been fully booked since he began offering the service and is delighted with the offering.
20th April 2022
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Waxy Ears – “Demand was so high, we had to offer more appointments!”

After working for a large hearing care provider using the Tympa system, Amanda decided to start her own business Waxy Ears in Southampton, but her journey with the Tympa system didn’t end there.
31st March 2022
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The Hearing Place – 2000 wax removals using the Tympa system!

We got in touch with The Hearing Place, a one-stop-shop for ear and hearing care based in York, with multiple clinics throughout North and West Yorkshire. We spoke to Jessica to find out how one year on from opening, she’s seen an incredible 2000+ patients using the Tympa system!
24th March 2022
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Jess-Ashton-tympahealth-hearing health check-ups-case-study-feature

The importance of regular ear and hearing health check-ups for all ages

From having my first Tympa appointment at Boots to getting my hearing aids, it was only 5 days! Which is incredibly fast. I don’t think this would have happened without Tympa, I would definitely still be waiting for an appointment for my initial hearing test and then maybe another few months before I had my hearing aids fitted.
22nd March 2022
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Hidden Hearing: Breaking Down Boundaries

This World Hearing Day we’d like to showcase the important work Hidden Hearing have been doing to tackle the large unmet need for ear and hearing healthcare in the UK. Maintaining a good standard of ear and hearing health is extremely important. Being able to hear well enables us to interact with society, thrive at work and school, and generally...
1st March 2022
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Hear Hear Wax Clear-cotton-buds-case-study-tympahealth-before-and-after-feature

Case Study: Why cotton buds are bad?

Recently a patient sought assistance from Hear Hear Wax Clear in Essex as he had been suffering from pain and a blocked feeling in both ears. As a young man he was unsure why this was happening to him as he thought hearing problems occurred later in life. When the patient called to book an appointment, his voice sounded worried...
16th February 2022
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