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North Wales Ear Wax Removal: Becoming self-employed with Tympa was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made!

We got in touch with Katie from North Wales Ear Wax Removal who has recently started her own business, becoming self-employed using the Tympa system to deliver ear and hearing healthcare in her community. We spoke to her about her Tympa journey and why she decided to move into wax removal.
14th June 2022
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National pharmacy association tympahealth feature

We’re a National Pharmacy Association Recommended Business Partner

By working with the National Pharmacy Association, we hope that more pharmacies will see the opportunity to expand their care offering into ear and hearing healthcare, so we can help make ear and hearing healthcare accessible to all.
26th May 2022
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Feet First Foot Clinic: Tympa is a natural fit for any foot health practitioner

We got in touch with Gillian Clancy from Feet First Foot Clinic who has recently expanded her Foot Health Practitioner service to include ear and hearing health check-ups.
25th May 2022
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Community focused domiciliary ear and hearing healthcare with Tympa

After realising there was a significant barrier to access ear and hearing healthcare in her local community, Andrea decided she wanted to help by setting up her own domiciliary service ‘Brooksies Home Services’ using the Tympa system.
25th May 2022
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Clean Ears – “I really want to help people in care homes!”

We got in touch with Andrew Goodwin from Clean Ears who started his business this year.  Andrew is determined to help residents in care homes gain access to vital ear and hearing healthcare services by using the Tympa system.
17th May 2022
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