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“I am making a difference to people’s lives” – Waves Ear Care

We spoke to Jordan Parker from Waves Ear Care, an optician in Bristol who has recently started delivering ear and hearing healthcare with TympaHealth.
11th August 2022
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Premier Hearing audiologist triage feature image

Audiologists Triage Patients with the Tympa system

We spoke to Phil at Premier Hearing, who has introduced the Tympa system to triage his patients and deliver more ear and hearing healthcare in his community.
11th August 2022
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How to prevent swimmer’s ear

We take a look at the risks of ‘swimmer’s ear’ which can occur during this time of year as people go on their holidays abroad and in the UK.
8th August 2022
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Makewell Clinic – “The portability of the system is a real strength”

We spoke to Helen Hodges, a Nurse in Milton Keynes for Makewell Clinic, who has recently started delivering ear and hearing healthcare with TympaHealth in the community.
28th July 2022
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Case Study: Hearing Aid Dome Discovered in Patients Ear

Beth Reyhani of Penwith Ear Care recently discovered a hearing aid dome in a patient’s ear at her clinic. With the help of the Tympa system, Beth explains how she discovered the dome and what happened next.
15th July 2022
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