The number of people in need of ear and hearing healthcare services has been increasing steadily. Many GPs are no longer offering wax removal services, (BBC), and patients are left waiting for several weeks, if not months to receive the treatment they need. Patients require new ways of accessing ear and hearing health services.

Opticians play an essential role in delivering care within our communities, working alongside the NHS to provide vital eye-care services. Many opticians have longstanding relationships with people in their community and are trusted to deliver expert care to those in need. As such, opticians are perfectly positioned to expand their services into ear and hearing health.

How Tympa works in your optician.


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TympaHealth Patient,

The Tympa System empowers opticians to perform: digital otoscopy, microsuction wax removal using a suction unit* and a hearing check, all in a single 30-minute appointment. Not only that, our “Remote Review” feature, supports opticians with access to advice and guidance from Audiologists and ENT specialists, if a second opinion is required.

We pride ourselves in supporting you in your journey to providing ear and hearing healthcare to your local community.

Once you’ve completed the TympaHealth Training Academy you and your staff will be officially accredited by ENT UKThe British Society of Audiology (BSA) and The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA). No other programme in the UK offers this unique level of accreditation.

The complete ear and hearing
healthcare solution in your hand.

By expanding your opticians’ services into ear and hearing healthcare you’ll be able to offer both eyesight and ear and hearing health check-ups, under one roof, all in a single appointment. Offering this service will strengthen existing customer relationships, and help attract new clientele.

There has been an incredible amount of demand. Since we started offering the service, we have had full clinics every day. We have six one-hour slots a day with the last one finishing at 4pm, so that we can catch up with dispensing. Bryan Kydd, Ashludie Pharmacy
We have traditionally been all about dispensing the medicine, and yet now we can dispense care, we can dispense health, we can dispense a better quality of life and that’s an honour to do that. The bottom line is this service is invaluable Bernadette Brown – Pharmacy Owner

The Tympa Backstory

NHS ENT Clinician, Dr Krishan Ramdoo, witnessed first-hand how difficult it is for patients to access ear and hearing health services. His desire to ‘find a better way’ led him to develop the Tympa System.

Accredited training for staff


The TympaHealth Training Academy provides accredited training and support from the very first time you pick up your Tympa and is accredited by ENT UK, BSA and BSHAA.

*The Tympa System requires additional accessories to perform the microsuction procedure.