Remote Review

Empowering clinicians to deliver
ear and hearing healthcare
in the community

Our unique ‘Remote Review’ feature means as a clinician you have the power of a team of audiologists and ENT consultants in your hand.

The TympaHealth Remote Review allows clinicians from all backgrounds to call on expert advice and guidance, when needed. Clinicians can share high-resolution images and videos of patients’ ears to our team of experts via the Tympa Panel. From there our team of audiologists will review the image and advise accordingly. Should the patient video or image need further referral we can send it on to our ENT consultants who can provide further insight, and advice.

This means that both patient and clinician are supported with the best possible care, and can be recommended further treatment solutions, such as referral or hearing aid fitting, should a hearing loss be present.

Remote Review in Action

Remote Review - Weldricks Pharmacy Testimonial

Community Pharmacy

Ali Taiyebi shares his experience using TympaHealth’s Remote Review feature to deliver ear and hearing care in his community.

Dr. Surojit Pal Consultant ENT Surgeon tympahealth

ENT Consultant

Dr. Surojit Pal, Consultant ENT Surgeon explains the benefit TympaHealth’s Remote Review is having on primary and secondary care

Jamie Prentice head of training Tympahealth

Audiology Review

Jamie Prentice, Head of Training at TympaHealth discusses the Remote Review process

Remote Review - patient testimonial

The Impact

Feel confident delivering ear and hearing healthcare in your community with Remote Review.

The TympaHealth Remote Review helps to make ear and hearing health services more accessible for patients by empowering clinicians in community to deliver care. Not only that, it also reduces the number of GP and hospital appointments required by patients, thus lessening the strain on the NHS.

What’s more, our ‘Remote Review’ feature is supported by a fully digital secure system for keeping patient records, which can be quickly and easily shared, via a professional PDF including images and videos, to ENT surgeons, audiologists or GPs, should the patient need onward specialist treatment.

ENT Consultants can log onto the Tympa Panel and review the patients data, as if we were seeing the patient in clinic. A large number of patients never need to come and see an ENT, they have their hearing test and are either reassured or redirected to hearing aid services, and those with more suspicious otoscopic findings, we can treat accordingly. Dr. Joseph Manjaly, Consultant Otologist, UCLH
The biggest problem we have in secondary care at the moment, which is hospital based medicine, are the waits. Patients often wait more than 1 to 2 years for an appointment, plus we have patients who’ve been backlogged because of covid. Now to reduce waiting times for patients, it’s all about having diagnostics based in the community, where patients have better access to care. Peter Andrews, Consultant Rhinologist, UCLH

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