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The TympaHealth Training Academy provides accredited training and support from the very first time you pick up your Tympa, throughout your education and beyond – so every team member can become an accredited, confident user to deliver otoscopy, microsuction ear wax removal, and a hearing screening.

Our TympaHealth Training Academy courses are uniquely accredited by

Khadisha Walters, Hidden Hearing
Tympahealth in general is excellent, nobody has packaged and lead ear wax removal in such a professional innovative way. I am currently trialling the system. – Jon, Somerset Hearing
Great to get on the spot feedback from professionals – best way to learn (on the job) R.M. Hearfocus
Kirsty Cant, Hidden Hearing
All of the trainers have a very calming nature about them that alleviates pressure. Also the System itself is very good and the technique is unique. L.M. Hidden Hearing
I have completed the e-learning. Really great quality training and nice bite sized modules. I really liked it, good quality content.  Really clear and professional. N.G. Weldricks Pharmacy
Excellent product, brilliant team, a fun day too. J.B. Hidden Hearing

Who is this course suitable for?

The TympaHealth training was designed to enable clinicians from all backgrounds to deliver ear and hearing health services. Whether you’re extending your scope of practice or expanding your skillset to become a qualified Ear Care Technician, our unique blend of webinars, online learning and face-to-face coaching ensures every team member can become a confident and proficient user of the system. It is appropriate for:

  • Allied Healthcare Professionals
  • Audiologists
  • Audiological Scientists
  • General Practitioners
  • Hearing Aid Dispensers
  • Hearing Care Assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Physician Associates
  • Nurses
  • Occupational Health Technicians
  • Opticians
  • Other registered healthcare practitioners

Our courses support best practice and are officially accredited by ENT UK, The British Society of Audiology (BSA) and The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA).

No other training programme in the UK offers accreditation from these recognised bodies.

See TympaHealth Training in Action.

Upcoming TympaHealth training dates:


1st – Nottingham
2nd – Inverness
2nd – London

3rd – Brighton
8th – Bristol
8th – Manchester
9th – Newcastle
10th – Glasgow
10th & 11th – Dublin (two day event)
15th – Birmingham
16th – London
22nd – Manchester

22nd – London
23rd – London (Sold out)
24th – Edinburgh
29th – Cardiff
30th – Leicester
30th – London


1st – Nottingham
1st – Belfast

1st – Birmingham
6th – Bristol
6th – Glasgow
7th – London
7th – Manchester

8th – Cheltenham
8th – Newcastle

13th – Reading
13th – Leeds
14th – Birmingham
14th – London
15th – Cambridge

15th – Derby

15th – Edinburgh

20th – Leicester
20th – London

22nd – Manchester

January 2023

10th – Birmingham
10th – Edinburgh

11th – Bristol
11th – London
12th – Leeds
17th – Newcastle
17th – Edinburgh

18th & 19th – London (2-day sign-off event)
24th – Coventry

24th – Glasgow
25th – London
25th & 26th – Manchester (2-day sign-off event)
26th – Cardiff
31st – Cambridge

31st & 1st Feb – Birmingham (2-day sign-off event)


Microsuction training Aural care – £595 per person

For new customers purchasing a Tympa system with training

*Please contact us and speak to a member of the TympaHealth team for further details of equipment and costs.

Microsuction training Aural care – £895 person

For new customers not purchasing a Tympa system with training.

*The cost includes the temporary use of a Tympa system from the day of your practical training until signed off at your observation day.  Equipment will then be collected after you have been signed off.

Otoscopy only training – £195 per person

All Prices exclude VAT.

There are limited spaces available, and dates are filling up fast.

The TympaHealth Simulation Heads:

Trainees will get to practice their otoscopy and ear wax removal skills using our bespoke designed Simulation Heads. These anatomically correct ears really do look and feel like the real thing, inside and out. They enable our trainees to practice and perfect their skills in a safe environment, building their confidence, before moving on to real life patients.

Key benefits of TympaHealth Training Academy


  • Microsuction ear wax removal course supported by online & webinar theory-based training
  • Only course accredited by ENT UK, BSHAA, BSA in the UK
  • Training delivered by highly experienced professional audiologists
  • Become fully trained in otoscopy, microsuction ear wax removal
  • ‘Remote Review’ support provides you with on-call ENT and audiology expert advice
  • Gold standard of wax removal, safer than ear syringing / ear irrigation
  • Small group-based training events
  • On-site clinical observation
  • Multiple dates across the UK

Tympahealth Training Academy

The TympaHealth Training Academy uses our blended approach to training, combining engaging interactive online learning and practical sessions led by our expert team.

If you’ve already enrolled in the TympaHealth Training Academy, access your online portal below.

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If you would like to book onto one of our TympaHealth training events, please fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch. We would be happy to speak to you about your training requirement and arrange a live, virtual demo of the Tympa system at a time that suits you.

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