Cosmic Ears are specialists in building custom, professionally hand-crafted in-ear monitors for everyone, from music enthusiasts to audiophiles, all the way through to professional musicians. These custom in-ear monitors are designed to fit perfectly in your ear, but before starting the ear impression process, a healthy ear is needed. 

Mike from Cosmic Ears shares how the Tympa Platform has helped provide their customers with quality ear and hearing healthcare. 

Cosmic Ears

How did you start your journey using the Tympa Platform? 

We were introduced to the Tympa Platform by one of our audiologists who supplies us with brilliant customer ear impressions to be used in our In Ear Monitors (IEMs).  

Great fitting IEM’s start with great ear impressions, and for these, your customers need healthy ears, first and foremost to ensure safe practice when getting the moulds, but also so that we get the best impression of our customers ear as possible.  

One of the hurdles we have always faced as a manufacturer, is that if a customer came to us for impressions, but had a significant wax build up, we would have to send them away (to an audiologist) to have it removed. This left our customers frustrated as convenience is one of their highest priorities, so for us being able to offer our customers an ear health assessment and microsuction wax removal – this was an absolute game changer.  

How much demand has there been for the service? 

A significant demand, and not only for customers to come to our HQ, but for us when we hit the road visiting events and exhibitions to offer such a vital service.  

What type of customer uses your service? 

Mainly musicians and those working in the music industry. 

What methods have worked well when it comes to getting the word out about your new Tympa service? 

We are regularly active on social media, so a lot of our customers learn about what we offer through Instagram and Facebook. But now, when customers call or email us to enquire about impressions, we can give them options about coming in to see us across the week, while before it would have only been possible on a Wednesday when our in-house audiologist is with us.  

What has been your experience with the training provided by Tympa? 

The training provided by Tympa is fantastic, and the platform we used to show our knowledge when working through the modules of the course was also excellent and is a great resource for information. The training day was fun, but of course highly informative and serious about ear anatomy and the assessment day with the Tympa trainer was also brilliant.  

What has been your favourite thing about using the Tympa? 

It has to be showing customers the before and after videos when wax has been removed!  

But for me, it’s knowing that we have helped someone with an issue that has been causing them discomfort and diffusing the worry that something is ‘wrong’ with their ears. 

Cosmic Years

Have you used the Remote Review feature, if so, how has this been? 

Yes, quite few times to be honest. We love this feature – and for us to be able to inform our customers that if we do see something that doesn’t look right, we can upload to the panel and have it reviewed by the Tympa ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) team is a massive benefit. We get a response back quickly, which we can then pass on to our customers after the appointment.  

 Any advice for others starting out on their Tympa journey? 

Just do it, you won’t regret it! The more you do it, the better you get! 

 Do you have a standout patient story where you feel you really made a difference? 

We visited a music university in Leeds (Conservatoire), and a music production student came to us saying he was sure something was going on with his ears as found it hard to hear conversations (especially in lectures), but also couldn’t produce music properly as everything sounded muffled and panned.  

I had a look, and there was a significant amount of wax in both ears. I treated him with Earol spray and asked him if he could come back. Later, I managed to remove a large amount of mainly soft but condensed wax which revealed some really compacted clumps on both sides. We managed to remove all of it. He rubbed his fingers together next to his ears, and his eyes just filled up. He said, “oh my goodness I can’t even start to tell you what this has done for me… thank you!”. We definitely made a difference. 

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