TympaHealth is a team of doctors
and technology experts, united by a vision
of helping the world to hear.

We’re inspired by the growing demand for ear and hearing healthcare services, with 1 in 5 adults in the UK alone facing some form of hearing loss.

This figure is set to rise.

The loss of hearing has huge implications for social isolation, quality of life and the safety of individual patients. It is also a known cause of problems with balance and falls, as well as a 9% contributory factor in the risk of developing dementia (RNID). Yet, it can often take 5-7 years of suffering in silence before someone seeks help.

Accessing ear and hearing health services is often difficult and time consuming for patients. Many patients will require multiple appointments across a period of time. Waiting lists to access ear and hearing healthcare services are longer than ever. Pre pandemic they were on average 12—16 weeks however now people are facing wait times of up to a year.

The Tympa System improves accessibility to ear and hearing healthcare services. Our innovative technology empowers clinicians to deliver otoscopy, microsuction wax removal using a suction unit*, and hearing check, all within primary care settings like pharmacies, opticians, GP practices and care homes.

TympaHealth was born from a patient issue I saw and experienced first-hand. Making ear and hearing healthcare accessible to all is not only required locally but globally too. TympaHealth, I believe, is the platform that can make that happen and streamline this pathway of care for the future. Dr. Krishan Ramdoo, TympaHealth CEO

Our Story

Our Ambition

It’s simple, we want to encourage regular ear and hearing health check-ups, as well as normalising the topic of ear health. We want people all over the world to receive high quality ear and hearing healthcare as quickly and easily as they now access eye and dental care.

TympaHealth is working with partners around the world to ensure that ear and hearing healthcare services are accessible to all.

Tympa in Cambodia

TympaHealth had the opportunity to work delivering on-the-ground ear and hearing healthcare services to people in remote locations across Cambodia who would normally have limited or no access to care.

Customers we work with

Our Awards

At TympaHealth we are working hard to achieve our mission of democratising hearing health for all. Every award we have won is testament to our employees and the hard work of the TympaHealth team.



We’ve been working closely with University College London Hospital, to bring the Tympa system to the Royal National ENT – the UK’s leading tertiary ENT Unit.


UX Design Awards

The UX Design Awards honour the huge impact of accomplished experience design on shaping a positive living environment for all.



Founded in 1953 as Die Gute Industrieform e.V., iF Design and the iF DESIGN AWARD have been a symbol of excellent design around the world ever since.


GHP Award

The awards celebrate businesses and professionals who have made exceptional contributions and innovations in the medical technology industry.



The Good Design Award aims to create an awareness about contemporary design and to honour both products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace.


Tympa is always looking for great talent to
join our growing team.

*The Tympa System requires additional accessories to perform the microsuction procedure.