Tympa Device

Introducing the Tympa Platform

The Tympa is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing healthcare assessment platform. It brings together three different diagnostic and treatment tools into one hand-held portable system.

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Multiple solutions from a single, powerful platform.

Digital Otoscopy

HD Digital Otoscope

Captures high definition images and videos of the inner ear.
Microsuction System

Microsuction System

Gently suctions wax from the ear.
Hearing Assessment

Hearing Assessment

Patient and user friendly with 4 frequencies.
The Tympa Cloud

The Tympa Cloud

Secure, cloud based storage for patient records.
Remote Review

Remote Review

Examinations can be digitally shared with ENT specialists for further evaluation.
Tympa Training Academy

Tympa Academy

Our training ensures every Tympa user is confident in delivering care to their patients.

Multiple solutions from a single, powerful platform.

Offer a Better Patient Experience with Tympa

The way ear and hearing issues are currently diagnosed and treated is often disjointed, inaccessible, and faces long patient waiting times.

The Tympa pathway allows a single provider to deliver expert care to patients in a 30-minute appointment – providing a faster, easier route to ear and hearing healthcare.

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Tympa Platform microsuction wax removal

Deliver more care as an Accredited Tympa user

The Tympa Platform is designed for clinicians from a variety of backgrounds to expand their care offering to bring ear and hearing healthcare to their communities.

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