Demand for ear and hearing healthcare is skyrocketing.


Pharmacies are now the essential hub to provide these services.

Tympa Hearing check

The world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing healthcare platform.

Three essential assessment and treatment tools into one hand-held portable system.

Our platform empowers pharmacists and pharmacy staff to deliver comprehensive ear care services in as little as 30 minutes, including high-definition ear examinations, wax removal, and hearing checks.

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Tympa vs standard otoscope
Large HD Display 6.1-inch HD display & 4K video recording Standard (size) optical or digital display
Adjustable Zoom 12MP camera allowing up to x9.2 magnification Fixed or some models adjustable up to x4.2
Touch Screen Responsive with adjustable zoom, focus & colour No touch screen
Wax Removal Suction port enabling ear wax removal, via suction unit Not available
Hearing Check 4-frequency hearing check with headphones Not available
Audiologist Support Securely share images & videos to our Audiologist & ENT specialists Not available
Patient Management Safely store patient records and share with healthcare professionals Not available

How Tympa can benefit your pharmacy

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