Rachel at Castlegate Pharmacy shares her journey with Tympa and why they decided to expand their pharmacy care offering and service to deliver ear and hearing healthcare to their community with the Tympa System.

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What influenced your decision to offer ear and hearing healthcare in your Pharmacy?

After our local GP stopped providing ear syringing as part of their service, along with most other GP’s (BBC). Our pharmacy, which is part of the local GP needed to find a way to ensure our patients weren’t left to suffer without access to ear and hearing healthcare services.

What first interested you in the Tympa System?

We wanted a trustworthy reliable company to be able offer a professional service to our customers and TympaHealth ticked all those boxes.

What has been your favourite thing about using the Tympa System?

TympaHealth and the Tympa System enables us to provide a professional service to our customers so we can make sure they have regular ear and hearing health check-ups.

How much demand has there been for the service?

Ever since we first started the demand for the service has been incredibly high and it is continuing to grow. A lot of this is due to previous customers we’ve helped experiencing such a good service and then going on to tell family and friends about what we’re offering.

Do you have any standout patient story where you feel you really made a difference?

Honestly, we feel as though our ear and hearing health service is helping every single person who has used it. It feels great to be helping people in our community.

Have you used the Remote Review feature?

We’ve found the Remote Review feature very useful, it gives you piece of mind if you’re unsure and helps make sure we provide the best care to our customers.

What methods have worked well when it comes to getting the word out about your new Tympa service?

We’ve found a mixture of different methods has worked well to get the word out. We’ve introduced the service on our social platforms which helped a lot. Most of all though, you can’t beat the word of mouth from our happy customers – this has continued to be the best way to get the word out.

How has your journey with Tympa been so far?

We’re enjoying our Tympa journey so far and are extremely happy with how much value it has added to our ever-growing additional services that we offer at Castlegate Pharmacy.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to continue offering the best quality services to our community and that’s why we’re so happy to be using the high quality Tympa System to both our old and new customers.

Any advice for other pharmacies starting out on their Tympa journey?

Definitely it’s worth the investment, the team at TympaHealth have been so supportive with all aspects of getting to know and use the product. There is always someone to ask for help if you need it!

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