We spoke to Heidi Smith a community district nurse who has recently expanded her domiciliary service to offer microsuction wax removal to patients.


Heidi noticed that more and more of her patients had bad hearing due to wax build up. When asked where she could recommend her patients to get microsuction wax removal to treat this, she found herself at a dead-end, as the local GP practice was no longer offering this service and other clinics in the area where often booked up, resulting in long patient waiting times.

What problems were you having that drove you to look for a solution?

“As a community specialist nurse, I was finding that the majority of my patients expressed a difficulty hearing, often due to wax build up in their ears. Whilst there is some community ear and hearing healthcare, many people stuck at home and in care homes have very limited or no access to these services. There is a huge need for this service, especially for care homes, I saw a gap and I have a passion to deliver this care to my community.”

Where did you start your search?

“I gathered information on exactly what I needed and what services I felt were missing in my community and did my own market research. After that I used Google to look for microsuction training providers, where I found out about TympaHealth.”

What made our product or service stand out from other options?

“There are some other companies that train people to deliver microsuction with a package deal, but they didn’t have the same accreditation that Tympa has. I also found other companies that had a good course but were very pricey and didn’t provide the equipment. What appealed to me about Tympa was that I could use the system on a monthly payment plan, just like a phone contract, and the fact that I have the peace of mind of the Remote Review support, should I need expert opinion. I also liked the mix of online and face to face training.”

What sold you on buying this product or service?

“The technology sold me; I loved the supportive network of the Remote Review.”

How would you describe the onboarding process?

“It was great, and it was all done online which was good for me as I am a nurse and extremely busy, this allowed me to start onboarding and I could still work my normal hours. I was introduced to Tympa by Graham via Teams, who made me feel very welcome. The paperwork side of things was thorough but straightforward and it was all electronic. I also really liked the marketing materials that were provided to help me promote my new service, this was very useful.”

Is there anything you think we could improve on with the onboarding?


How would you describe the training you received with the TympaHealth Training Academy?

“Really good, I liked the webinars and mix of online and face to face training. The online course prior prepares you for the face-to-face training which is really reassuring.”

What has been your favourite thing about the Tympa system so far?

“That it is very easy to use, the use of the smart phone that captures good quality images and the fact it is easily portable, which allows me to visit people to deliver ear and hearing check-ups in the comfort of my patients’ homes.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I plan to start with building up a client base for house bound people and care homes in my community. I think there will be a lot of demand there and then I hope to hire a team of staff. My mum is a Foot Health Practitioner and is already interested in joining my team.”

On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommended Tympa Health?


Any advice for others starting out on their Tympa journey?

“Go for it and be brave to start something new and on your own. I think people worry about the financial input, but you shouldn’t worry with Tympa it pays for itself!”

Has there been any demand for you service yet? If so, how much?

“My mum has four people she has told who are interested already, and that’s without marketing my business yet!”

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