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Three steps to success.

February 2024 saw the introduction of the Pharmacy First initiative across England, Ireland and Wales. As a result, the way that people see their local Pharmacy has already started to change.

Pharmacies are increasingly moving from dispenser, retailers to health care hubs for their local community.

Earache is one of the seven conditions that fall under Pharmacy First and people can now get treatment for the condition, known most commonly as Acute Otitis Media, by visiting their Pharmacy instead of their GP.

But for Pharmacy business, earache is just the start of the opportunity. Technology is now available that allows Pharmacists & Pharmacy Staff (dispensers, pharmacy technicians) to be trained to offer a more comprehensive ear health service. A service that can increase revenue and customer footfall whilst making it easier and quicker for patients to have their ear and hearing health assessed.

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1. Capitalise on a growing demand.

On average, there are around 2.3 million people in the UK who require ear wax removal annually.

The ability to get help with this condition has become increasingly challenging, to the point where the current demand significantly outstrips the service supply.

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GPs are discontinuing treatment for these conditions and if people need help via primary care, then wait times are in excess of twelve weeks. According the RNID there are 10 million people who are no longer able to access services that used to be free via the NHS.

Access to hearing health appointments is now a postcode lottery.

This presents a significant opportunity for Pharmacies in the UK to adapt and expand private clinical services to introduce ear and hearing healthcare. People in your community need help with these services and there is a clear opportunity for Pharmacy business to add a private service for ear wax removal, hearing checks and the related over the counter products.

2. Invest in the technology that makes it easy.

So, who are TympaHealth? TympaHealth are the creators of the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing health platform. A platform that brings together three different assessment and treatment tools into one handheld portable system.

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Tympa in action

The Tympa is revolutionising ear and hearing healthcare and making it accessible to the public via Pharmacy businesses. Our technology empowers pharmacists & pharmacy staff (dispensers, pharmacy technicians) to conduct high-definition ear examinations, perform wax removal, and administer hearing checks – all in a concise 30-minute appointment.

With access to remote support from Audiologists and ENT specialists, you’re never alone in delivering high level care to your customers.

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3. Train your staff and promote your service.

Full training delivered through an online programme as well as a confidence building face to face practical, ensures that your staff are confident and comfortable in delivering ear health services.

Training is included with the TympaHealth subscription (subject to qualifying conditions) and is delivered by our team of Audiology and ENT professionals.

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On average 35,000 patients are helped by TympaHealth practitioners every month.

Pharmacy businesses are finding that ear health as a clinical service can:
Increase Customer Footfall: Position your Pharmacy as the go-to destination for ear and hearing healthcare, driving more foot traffic, and expanding your customer base.
Enhance Customer Loyalty: Address a pressing need to build stronger connections with your customers, fostering loyalty beyond convenience.
Build Revenue: With high demand for ear care services, offering accessible, efficient care translates to a substantial revenue stream for your pharmacy.
Respond to Consumer Demand: Fill the gap in ear care services and meet the growing demand from consumers seeking reliable solutions.



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