Hidden Hearing delivers expert audiological care & hearing loss treatment in the heart of communities across the UK – helping thousands of people to hear and communicate better.

As part of their care offering Hidden Hearing have been using the Tympa Platform to accelerate diagnosis and treatment of ear and hearing health issues, reducing patient waiting times for care and ensuring a healthy ear is present before assessing for any potential hearing loss.

“Hearing loss is one of those things that comes along gradually, and we know from research that it can take up to 7 years for people, from when they first notice it, to actually coming and having a test, and doing something about it.” – Matt, UK Support Manager | Hidden Hearing

We spoke to Julie Palin, UK Operations Manager for Wax Management & Matt Duddy, UK Support Manager at Hidden Hearing to see how the Tympa Platform has helped them.

Tympa in the Community With Hidden Hearing

“The Tympa Platform allows us to use images on the Tympa cloud and access further ENT advice, if we need it. That’s not something we found anyone else was able to offer us. We didn’t want to just provide wax removal, we wanted to have a whole holistic approach.” – Julie, UK Operations Manager | Hidden Hearing

The Tympa Platform empowers hearing care practitioners to deliver expert care to patients in a single 30-minute appointment – providing a faster, easier route to ear and hearing healthcare.

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