Brooke from Monument Hearingcare shares her passion for helping people access ear and hearing healthcare and how Tympa helps them overcome traditional barriers faced by patients. 


How did you start your journey using the Tympa Platform? 


I was lucky enough to trial the Tympa back in 2019 when it was known as ‘CEEK’. I’ve been using it daily through each stage of its development, all the way to now using it in my own business’ clinics! 


What made you choose Tympa?   


With Tympa, not only am I able to show clear ear images & videos to clients during the appointment I have the added benefit of being able to share those images & videos with Tympa’s team of audiologists’ & ENT specialists, should a second opinion be needed. The Hearing Assessment is quick and easy to set up and gives patients a clear understanding of their hearing health which is important for their quality of life. 


What makes domiciliary / mobile care important for you? 


I believe ear and hearing healthcare should be accessible to all. Being mobile means that I can bring vital ear and hearing health services directly to patients who may traditionally face barriers in accessing the care they need. With Tympa, I can supply ear assessment, ear wax removal, and ahearing check from the comfort of their own home 


How does the portability of the Tympa Platform support your business? 


Having everything I need in one device is a huge advantage to me for my business!  Tympa’s portability allows me to bring my services directly to clients whether they are at home, in their workplace, indoors or outdoors etc. Having this flexibility allows me to be able to supply services to a wider range of clients.  

Monument Hearingcare

You have recently launched your new business ‘Monument Hearingcare’, how have you found it so far? 


Launching my business has been a whirlwind of excitement with huge challenges. There have been some ups and downs but overall, it has been extremely rewarding. I love sharing my services, skills and knowledge with my community. I feel grateful for the opportunities, clients and challenges having my own business has presented.  



How much demand has there been for the service? 


Since the changes to the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s) guidelines in 2019 there has been an overwhelming demand for ear wax removal. This is mainly due to the fact that most GPs are no longer able to provide this. 


What has been your biggest triumph so far? 


My biggest triumph so far has to be taking the leap and starting the business. Being able to offer a service I am passionate about and work so hard to provide, be successful and so well received by my community and clients has been overwhelmingly rewarding!  


What has been your favourite thing about the Tympa Platform? 


My favourite thing about the Tympa Platform is that everything I need for my clinics is all in one device. The platform allows me to access everything easily as well as have the ability to share with Tympa clinicians for a quick second opinion.  


What methods have worked well when it comes to getting the word out about your new Tympa service? 


Sharing images and videos taken with Tympa to patients right so they can see and understand the process and having a consistent social media presence to share how the Tympa works has proven to be successful for advertising my business.  


Have you got any advice for others who are starting their own business? 


Have a clear vision on the service you want to offer. Client experience is so important – happy clients become loyal clients! More importantly, trust yourself even in the times when it’s hard and you may doubt yourself.  


Do you have any plans for the future? 


I would love to be able to supply both mobile and clinic-based appointments to my community and offer further audiology services.  


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