At TympaHealth we believe in the power of community pharmacy to help make ear and hearing healthcare accessible to all.


Currently, there is a huge unmet demand for ear and hearing healthcare services. Many GPs are no longer offering wax removal services, and increasingly patients are seeking private alternatives. As a result, the role of community pharmacies has been steadily increasing, with many pharmacies already expanding their care offering, using the Tympa, to provide ear and hearing healthcare check-ups to their community.

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Tympa & The National Pharmacy Association

By working with the National Pharmacy Association, we hope that more pharmacies will see the opportunity to expand their care offering into ear and hearing healthcare, so we can help make ear and hearing healthcare accessible to all.

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Tympa in Community Pharmacy

Pharmacies are uniquely positioned in the heart of their local communities and as such are able to offer thousands of people in the UK suffering from ear and hearing health conditions faster and easier access to care.

Tympa in Community Pharmacy
If you would like to find out how you can expand your services to deliver ear and hearing healthcare in your community