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  • G.M. Graham Pharmacies in Essex introduces ear and hearing healthcare with TympaHealth to meet rising demand
  • Over-the-counter treatments and prescription capabilities provided by an Independent Prescriber offer tailored solutions for various ear conditions.
  • Prompt access to advice from ENT professionals and audiologists enhances confidence among staff and patients.
  • Standout patient stories underscore the tangible impact of G.M. Graham Pharmacies’ services on the community.


In response to the escalating demand for ear care services in Essex, G.M. Graham Pharmacies has taken proactive steps to fill the healthcare void with an innovative solution. Through a strategic partnership with TympaHealth, the pharmacy chain has embarked on a mission to provide comprehensive ear and hearing healthcare, catering to the diverse needs of its community. This case study delves into the journey of G.M. Graham Pharmacies as they redefine accessible healthcare and showcase the transformative impact of their services on individuals and the local healthcare landscape.

Empowering Staff and Patients

Natasha Jones, Store/Services Manager from G.M. Pharamcies, highlights the transformative impact of TympaHealth’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive support, bolstering confidence among both staff and patients. The availability of timely advice from ENT professionals and audiologists with the Remote Review service, further enhances the quality of care delivered, fostering a sense of reassurance within the community.

Addressing Community Needs

Natasha highlighted the main influence to introduce this service was the level of demand and the community needs to access ear and hearing healthcare. With the NHS no longer providing ear wax removal services locally, patients were left with limited options. Recognising this gap, G.M. Graham Pharmacies seized the opportunity to fulfil the community’s pressing need for such services.

Introducing the Tympa Platform, the pharmacy not only addresses the demand for ear care but also alleviates the strain on GP surgeries in the area. Through over-the-counter treatments and prescription capabilities facilitated by an Independent Prescriber, G.M. Graham Pharmacies can effectively assess a variety of ear conditions directly. Moreover, if needed they can refer patients seamlessly to specialist professionals.

Partner focused support

Reflecting on their journey with TympaHealth thus far, Natasha praised the support received, particularly during the initial training sessions. Looking ahead, G.M. Graham Pharmacies aims to sustain and expand their ear and hearing healthcare services across their network.

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Patient-Centric Success Stories

“It’s great to see the impact we’re making first hand. We had an elderly lady arrive for an appointment, who had difficulty hearing out of one ear. After looking in the ear we noticed that she had extremely compacted ear wax, which we could remove for her. After the wax was removed the patient became very emotional and was extremely grateful for the immediate effect she experienced with her hearing, and how this would positively impact her day-to-day living. She was given appropriate aftercare advice and advised to return in six months for a check-up to prevent further build-up of ear wax.”

Store/Services Manager, G.M. Grahams Pharmacies

G.M. Graham Pharmacies’ partnership with TympaHealth exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing healthcare disparities at the local level. Through their pioneering ear and hearing healthcare services, the pharmacy chain not only meets the immediate needs of their community but also champions a model of accessible and patient-centric care. As they continue to forge ahead, G.M. Graham Pharmacies serves as a beacon of innovation, catalysing positive change in the healthcare landscape.

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