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In recognition of World Hearing Day which took place on Friday 3rd March, TLC Care, a luxury Care Home group with 9 homes hosted an event inviting the local community to learn about TympaHealth.

TLC Care has four of their homes based in North London, Candlewood House, Carlton Court, Karuna Manor and Kailash Manor. They also have two homes in Potters Bar, Cuffley Manor and Cooperscroft, two situated in Cambridge, Cherry Hinton and Cambridge Manor and Surrey based care home, Camberley Manor.

The Tympa is the world’s first all-in-one hearing health assessment system. Partnering with TLC Care, TympaHealth has its cutting-edge technology available in all the homes, leading the way across the care home landscape by offering this service in-house to all its residents.

The pioneering system is a portable, all-in-one hearing health assessment device that provides high-definition digital otoscopy, microsuction wax and debris removal using a suction unit, and a hearing check. It also enables a remote review platform for image review by ENT specialists and creates a digital ear health record that can be shared with the GP.

"We were approached by TympaHealth with their new technology. Identifying how much of an issue this is in our residents and in this population, it was something we were keen to bring to our homes. World Hearing Day provided us with a platform to reach out to our relatives and loved ones as well as the wider community."
Hiral Viyas, Director of Care and Medicines at TLC Care

Poor ear and hearing health can lead to problems such as social isolation and depression and can seriously impact communication, often leading to confusion. Hearing loss can also be confused with dementia and is one of the single most modifiable risk factors in the prevention of dementia, therefore, the importance of good ear care in the care sector is crucial. Many residents in care homes wear hearing aids. If the wax is not removed at least once a year, the hearing aids will be damaged and will not work properly.

“It is always a pleasure to partner with TLC on special occasions such as world hearing day to emphasise the importance of general ear care especially in care home settings where services might not be as accessible. Residents from different TLC homes had the opportunity to listen in on a talk where it was demonstrated what the Tympa service entitles and how they can have a general ear health check within the comfort of the home.” – Anzil Olivier, TympaHealth Senior Trainer

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If you would like to find out more about TLC Care and their 9 homes, you can visit their website here