TympaHealth has recently been highlighted in The Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions ‘Future of Diagnostics Report’


TympaHealth is a creative and innovative technology that helps to improve access to hearing assessments for people in community. The introduction of the Tympa System in community creates new clinical pathways to care and increases access to vital services, below is the excerpt case study for TympaHealth.

Case study 3. TympaHealth delivers hearing assessments within the community via portable diagnostic technology


Approximately 1 in 6 adults in Europe suffer from hearing loss, at an estimated annual cost of up to €581 billion.[i] Furthermore, hearing loss has been associated with an increased risk of falls, isolation, and dementia.[ii] [iii] Despite becoming an increasing disease burden, waiting times to receive hearing care are rising significantly. Improving access to hearing care with innovative technology, award winning TympaHealth Technologies have developed a portable device that combines a digital otoscope, microsuction wax removal (using a suction unit) and a hearing check.


TympaHealth are currently working with a range of partners to deliver ear and hearing care within the community, including GPs, private healthcare providers, care homes and pharmacies. [iv] The platform utilises the imaging capabilities and connectivity of a mobile phone to enable this convenient hearing check within 30 minutes. This is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing health assessment system and integrates digitally to support data sharing and remote care. [v] The device aims to improve access to audiological care by designing the device for non-specialists to use in any location, with the additional support of tele-health systems.

An important aspect of TympaHealth ‘s offering is the in-depth training provided to all customers via their dedicated ‘TympaHealth Training Academy’. [vi] Held regularly at locations across the UK, these courses enable trainees to practice using the device with bespoke ‘Simulation Heads’. Face-to-face professionals can give immediate feedback, supporting clinicians from a range of background to use the device. In addition, webinars and online learning provide further support. This training is accredited by the British Society of Audiology, ENT UK, and the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA). In addition to reforming the clinical pathway for audiology, their research institute is contributing to hearing health knowledge.

Since launching in 2021, over 150,000 individuals had been assessed using the Tympa System by February 2022. [vii]  Supporting the companies’ growth across a global market, TympaHealth recently secured $8 million of investment to continue to expand the ‘democratisation of ear and hearing care’.[viii]


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Founder and CEO of TympaHealth, Dr. Krishan Ramdoo took part in the Deloitte webinar, alongside Stephen Lee, Director at ABHI, to discuss technology driven solutions to healthcare in Europe.

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