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Lucie, Ambience Foot Health owner, expands her care offering with Tympa

We spoke to Lucie Tran, owner of Ambience Foot Health, who recently expanded her care offering to deliver ear and hearing healthcare to her community with Tympa.

How did you find out about Tympa?

I’m a member of the Foot Health Practitioners Forum on Facebook. After reading an interesting post about delivering ear and hearing healthcare with TympaHealth, I googled them and spoke to someone that day.

As a Foot Health Practitioner what interested you in the Tympa System? 

The technology caught my attention right away. To be able to see a clear image of the ear drum on a screen the size of a mobile phone seemed incredible. Also, the ability to upload images and video clips for onward review is a great bonus, it makes me feel supported so I know I can deliver the best possible service for my patients.

Do you work domiciliary as well? 

My ear wax removal service is only domiciliary. Many patients in my community don’t have access to this service and as the Tympa System is so portable I’m able to visit them directly.

How has your journey with Tympa been so far? 

The training and support have been excellent and have given me a good footing. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect, and I’ve become more and more proficient and confident with each patient I’ve seen.

Do you have any standout patient stories where you feel you really made a difference? 

A patient came to see me after returning from holiday. They were suffering from blocked ears due to a combination of pool water, air travel and generally a build-up of wax. After removing some wax from her ears she felt immediate relief and since then hasn’t been troubled.

What types of customers use your service? 

My patients range in age from 18 to 96 and are made up of students, office workers, farmers, active retirees generally people from all walks of life – wax really does affect everyone!

How do people find out about your service? 

I tell all my foot health and reflexology patients that I deliver ear and hearing healthcare with the Tympa System, so word of mouth is key. I also advertise in parish magazines and post in community groups on social media.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d like to increase my Tympa ear and hearing health business from 2.5% to 10%+ of my weekly revenue.

Do you have any advice for Foot Health Practitioners considering expanding their service? 

Tell all your current patients, friends, and family that you’re going to be training with TympaHealth. They may not have a problem with excessive ear wax, but they probably know someone who does. I pre-booked 10 appointments prior to the practical training which started the ball rolling nicely.

What has been your favourite thing about the Tympa System? 

Sharing the before and after images of successful ear wax microsuction with the patient. The majority of people find it absolutely fascinating! They tell their friends and then my phone rings!

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