We spoke to Geeta from Waterbeach Pharmacy in Cambridge, who recently expanded their pharmacy services to deliver ear and hearing healthcare with Tympa.

What influenced your decision to offer ear and hearing healthcare in your pharmacy? 

Here at Waterbeach Pharmacy, we found that there was a demand for the service and a gap that we could help fill to serve our local community. Customers haven’t realised how bad their hearing has become until they come to us and being able to assist them is such a great feeling. We came across Tympa and felt that it would be the perfect fit for our Pharmacy to start offering this additional service to our community.


How have you found adding an additional service to your pharmacy? 

The Tympa Platform has allowed us to perform walk in ear examinations for customers who are concerned about their ears. It has been a great additional service for us and being able to help people so quickly has been great.


What has been your favourite thing about using the Tympa Platform? 

I would say that our favourite thing with the Tympa Platform is being able to take high resolution images and videos via the HD Otoscopy inside the patients ears, and then show the patient is always a fulfilling feeling as they love to see before and after photos/videos.


What has been your experience with the training provided by Tympa? 

We found the Tympa online and face to face training very thorough. We feel very confident talking to customers about their ears and this would not be possible without the expert level of training provided by Tympa. As a pharmacist I am able to recommend the most appropriate advice for patients, knowing that I have the expert knowledge of the Tympa team just an email away.

In addition, having the remote review service available, really does reassure us, as we can escalate further when necessary.


Do you have a standout patient story where you feel you really made a difference? 

Our new ear wax removal service has changed customers quality of life. We have had many customers go from being hard of hearing to be able to hear again. They often don’t realise how bad their hearing had gotten until the wax has been removed and they can feel the instant relief. Overall, this has been such a satisfying feeling.

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