“With Tympa I can help people in my community who can’t travel to a clinic.”


Ear Health Practitioner, David from James David Hearing Care shares his journey with Tympa and how it has helped him to deliver ear and hearing healthcare in and around his local community.

James David Hearing in the community

How did you start your journey using the Tympa Platform?

I came across Tympa a few years ago in my previous role as Retail Director for a National Audiology company. At the time we were looking to expand our care offering and make wax removal an accessible service in towns across the UK. We chose Tympa because they could train our Hearing Care Practitioners (HCPs’) to deliver ear and hearing healthcare and not only that, the Tympa Platform itself was perfect for us as it has a user-friendly operating system, comfortable gripping position, and safe operational use. On top of this, the Digital Otoscopy benefits were huge compared to what we were using at the time.

What made our product or service stand out from other options?

When I started James David Hearing Care, it was clear that it had to be a home-visit service as I wanted to help people in my local community who can’t travel to a clinic, whether that be because of mobility issues or, due to busy schedules, gain access to ear and hearing healthcare.

The Tympa Platform is so mobile; all my equipment comes with me in a carry case and then takes less than 2 minutes to set up. I didn’t find that level of convenient portability from any other equipment/service provider.

How did you find the training provided by Tympa?

All of the remote training has been very useful and detailed throughout.  I opted for the 2-day session as I wanted my learning experience to go at a nice slow pace to ensure I captured everything.

I’m glad I did as the first day of training was a busy start-up session, getting hands on with the device, setting up, and also an extensive recap on the otoscopy basics.

The second day was much more hands on with the Tympa. We took part in a mostly practical session, learning from Tympa’s expert audiologists to understand the best techniques to manoeuvre the device and ways to manipulate the wax once microsuction starts. The fake wax in the simulation ears is incredible, it’s like having an unlimited number of patients queued up ready to go!

What was your favourite part of the Tympa training?

While I was very impressed with the way the remote training became so interactive and challenging, my favourite aspect was getting hands-on in the face-to-face course. The Tympa trainers made it engaging, educational and fun. The 2 days flew by in the blink of an eye!

As someone who works in home visits (domiciliary care), what methods have worked well when it comes to getting the word out about your new Tympa service?

It’s early days still but I’ve found that the Tympa marketing support has been great so far, as there are so many different materials. Using these I’ve ran adverts in the local paper, social media campaigns, door-to-door leaflet drops…all stemming from the tools I was given from Tympa.

What type of customer uses your service?

I’ve had a real range of patients so far, from people with mobility issues in care homes, busy tradesmen who don’t want to take time out of their schedule, to people in their early 20s who have been using q-tips in their ears and compressing their earwax. Every day I’m meeting new people and I love it.

James David Hearing Tympa

How much demand has there been for the service?

It’s been busy so far, but I know it’ll increase further as it’s an awareness thing. People still say they didn’t know where to get access to this type of care.

What has been your favourite thing about using the Tympa device?

I love the Remote Review support. Having ENT Specialists on hand to provide advice and guidance gives you real confidence. This has also really helped with referrals from local GPs and Pharmacies as they know the care, I provide is highly credible.

What are your plans for the future?

That depends on how much demand there is! I love seeing patients in my own clinic, but eventually I think I’ll need some helping hands and would plan on bringing more people through the Tympa training programme to work with me.

Any advice for others starting out on their Tympa journey?

Embrace it! It’s fun, you’ll learn some new stuff and remember some old stuff. The training team are excellent and are always there to help. If this is brand new, or you just want to add microsuction to your existing practice, I couldn’t recommend it more.

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