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Expand your services with Tympa.

Tympa gives you the tools, expert support and confidence needed to deliver ear and hearing healthcare in your community.

Community Pharmacies

Community Pharmacies

Pharmacies are playing an increasingly vital role in our communities, with many already expanding their services to deliver ear and hearing healthcare.

The Tympa Platform allows pharmacists to perform digital otoscopy, microsuction wax removal using a suction unit,* and a hearing check — all in a single 30-minute appointment

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Domiciliary Care

The Tympa Platform enables domiciliary care workers to visit home-bound or elderly patients in the comfort of their own home, bringing essential ear and hearing healthcare services directly to them.

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Allied Health Professionals

Healthcare Assistants, Nurses, Foot Healthcare Professionals, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, and more – Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) all have one thing in common: they play a critical role in treating, rehabilitating, and improving the lives of patients.

Often visiting patients in the comfort of their own home, Allied Health Professionals are perfectly positioned to bring ear and hearing healthcare services to their community with Tympa, alongside their existing level of care.

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Care/Residential Homes

Not only do hearing issues tend to arise as people age, but often care home residents have limited access to ear and hearing healthcare.

The Tympa Platform enables care homes to provide regular ear and hearing health check-ups to residents, right in the comfort of their home. Reduce social isolation & keep residents engaged and communicative with staff and love ones, as well as help to limit the risk of early onset dementia, which can stem from poor ear and hearing health.

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GP Clinics

GP Clinics

General Practice is a vital part of delivering ear and hearing healthcare to communities. However, the current process can involve referrals and appointments with multiple specialists — leaving patients waiting months to receive the care they need.

With Tympa, the entire process is streamlined. Patients receive the correct care faster, leading to better patient outcomes, higher clinical governance standards, and more effective allocation of practice resources.

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While audiologists are already able to provide extensive ear and hearing healthcare in their community, the Tympa Platform helps to streamline patient services. By integrating the Tympa, audiologists can triage their patients to quickly assess whether a hearing loss is present or not, helping more patients get appropriate hearing solutions, faster.

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Opticians have long-standing relationships with patients in their community and are trusted to deliver expert care to those in need.

Opticians and supporting clinicians can expand their service to offer ear and hearing healthcare alongside their current optical offering – making them a one-stop shop for eye and ear services in their community.

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Musculoskeletal Practitioner

Many Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, sports therapists, and other musculoskeletal practitioners already run multi-disciplinary clinics, delivering vital care to their community.

Expanding your current care offering to deliver ear and hearing healthcare not only helps you to attract new patients, it also helps you find new customers for your current MSK services.

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