Wellow Chiropractic Clinic Liz round

Liz, Wellow Chiropractic Clinic

We spoke to Liz at Wellow Chiropractic Clinic near Southampton to see why she decided to expand her chiropractor therapy clinic care offering to include ear and hearing healthcare with the Tympa System.


I discovered Tympa and their training after experiencing a very painful blocked ear myself which I could not access care quickly for. It affected me so badly that it started me thinking who could train and offer this service which I had to wait weeks to get an appointment for. It was unbearable.

As a chiropractor with my medical background and running my own clinic, I decided to train and offer this service alongside my normal practice as over the years I had many patients complaining of a blocked ear, dizziness and changes in their hearing. I can now help them!

I can examine and see what the problem is and if it is not wax, then perform a hearing check and advise them where to go next. It has proved very popular as the waiting times at clinics around me is weeks! My clinic is multidisciplinary so it was easy to integrate this service for patients.

The Tympa training was fantastic, leaving me feeling confident examine patients. The post-training support has been so useful where there have been queries or concerns about a patient I’ve seen. The feedback has been very quick and supportive. The otoscope and software on the Tympa System is so user friendly and comfortable. It came naturally. Patients like to see the photos you can take with the otoscope of the ear canal before and after treatment. I like the ease and speed at which images can be sent to the patients GP if there are any signs of infection, which promotes and strengthens integrated healthcare systems in the community.

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