As Tympa continues to grow into new sectors and the US, we’ve refreshed our brand to match where we are headed.

At Tympa, our commitment to accessible, comprehensive ear and hearing healthcare is the core of who we are. While that commitment will never change, we’ve decided to express ourselves and our ongoing expansion with more humanity, approachability, and cohesion — reinforcing Tympa’s dedication to our healthcare practitioners and the patients they support across the world.

Our brand refresh reflects a pivotal time in our journey, as we grow as a company and continue raising awareness about what we do and how important ear and hearing health is for every community. We have crafted both a visual language that represents our values and a narrative that speaks to the communities we serve with warmth and positivity. The tagline “Ear and hearing health, made easy” is at the centre of everything, distilling what we do into one clear declaration.

With this updated messaging and brand energy, we are able to seamlessly transition into a more in-depth story about the Tympa pathway —  designed to create a new standard of care for access and delivery in the ear and hearing healthcare. By enabling single practitioners to deliver expert care in 30 minute appointments at the local level, everyone has a faster, easier route to the care they need and deserve.


30-minute Tympa Pathway

Beyond providing diagnosis and treatment, bringing attention and accessibility to ear check-ups is a reminder that they’re just as important as other measures we take to maintain health — like dental and eye exams. This means people everywhere will begin to look at their ear and hearing health as a crucial part of their overall well-being — resulting in healthier, happier communities.

The Tympa pathway has already seen success across multiple sectors including pharmacies and domiciliary care — a testament to its ease of use and capacity to expand even further. Tympa CEO Krish Ramdoo explains that “the pathway to access ear and hearing healthcare is the same across the world. It’s disjointed, uses different pieces of equipment, multiple specialists, and there’s no universal digital health care record. The problem is there, and the solution we have here at Tympa.”

Our solution, coupled with our Tympa Academy training program, enables practitioners to provide care to everyone who needs it, and sets our partners up for excellence and confidence. With backing from ENTs, audiologists, and other professional medical communities, we’re equipped with the tools needed to ensure professional care across a range of settings.


Tympa Practitioner performs digital HD Otoscopy using the Tympa Platform. 

We wholeheartedly believe in our products and services, which makes it easy to build strong, lasting partnerships with our customers. When we prioritise medical expertise and open, friendly communication, we’re able to improve more lives every day. Krish, commends Tympa’s employees, partners, and customers for where Tympa stands today. “We have a great team, which is at the forefront of how we’ve delivered such great traction already, and how we look to expand across the world.”

Our refreshed brand mirrors the pride we take in what we do, our excitement about what the future holds, and most importantly, our ongoing dedication to ear and hearing health, made easy.