Winner sponsored by TympaHealth

The annual Rowena Ryan award was set up by ENT UK to celebrate trainee-led Audit, Research and Training initiatives to both national and international audiences under the umbrella of ENT UK’s Academic Foundation.

This year TympaHealth sponsored the Rowena Ryan Award for Best Trainee (SFO)- Led Research category at the BOARS Autumn Meeting on 4th Nov 2022 in York. This year’s winner was Dr. Rohma Abrar, who gave an oral presentation on the topic: ‘Blinded Comparison of Computed Tomography, Ultrasound and Needle Methods to Measure Pre- and Post-Operative Skin Flap Thickness for Cochlear Implantation’.

The runner up was Dr. Oscar Guest, who presented the topic: ‘What makes a high-quality ENT junior doctor induction? A national survey of 380 participants’

Other award categories were:

  • Best Trainee-Led Audit
  • Best Trainee-Led Research
  • Best Trainee-Led Teaching / Training
  • Best SAS-Led Audit, Research or Training
  • Best Overseas Trainee-Led Audit, Research or Training
  • Best Young Consultant-Led Audit, Research or Training

We’re proud to highlight and support the next generation of trainee researchers.