TLC Care recently hosted an open day to their Cuffley Manor and Candlewood House residents to help promote their ear and hearing healthcare services. They were joined by Anzil and Martina from TympaHealth, who alongside the team of carers and team members at TLC Care, helped to raise awareness about the service they can offer to residents by inviting family members and visitors to a free ear and hearing health check-up.

- "Anzil was a mind of information and she provided great advice and useful tips on how to best care for our ear. Using their fantastic technology, Anzil looked inside the ears of some of our residents, team members and relatives. We have a great partnership with TympaHealth, and we look forward to continuing our journey together." -
Dawn Cawley, Business Development Manager at Cooperscroft
- "Fabulous to have TympaHealth at Candlewood House on our open day. The lovely Martina performed several health checks on our team members and local businesses! Needless to say, we all need TympaHealth! It is a reminder as to the advantages our residents receive by having this service within our home. " -
Marianne Jack-Lamont, Business Development Manager at Candlewood House
Anzil TLC Care training

Tympa Senior Trainer, Anzil

“With wax impaction and general hearing health not being readily accessible in communities, it has a large impact on people that don’t have the ability to go to a clinic for regular check-ups. Being able to partner with TLC Care has given the impact we can make in people’s lives another meaning. I left with a warm heart knowing I had another opportunity to create more awareness in general hearing health and ear care.”

Tympa Regional Trainer, Martina

“It was a great day; people were engaged, and everyone was asking about our fantastic piece of equipment. A lot of visitors asked to have their ears checked because they were very curious to see how our technology works, and they were so enthusiastic.”

Martina Tympa regional trainer TLC Care

TLC Care is a pioneer in offering ear and hearing healthcare in their care homes. By using the Tympa System, TLC Care can provide regular check-ups with residents from the comfort of their own home.

Maintaining a good standard of ear and hearing health can help prevent social isolation as members of the community remain active and engaged with other residents, care team members and family. Not only that, it can also reduce the risk of falls and limits the risk of early onset dementia.

TLC Care are an early adopter of the Tympa System and were the first care home in the UK to introduce the service in their care homes.


For more information on TLC Care, please visit their website here.

TympaHealth in TLC Care Homes

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