Domiciliary care workers are perfectly positioned to provide ear and hearing healthcare to care homes, residents, and the wider community with the Tympa System.

Many elderly residents in care homes or assisted living, especially those with dementia, have some form of hearing loss, leaving them isolated, lonely and often struggling to communicate with loved ones and care staff. Wax blockage, impacted or excess ear wax is a common occurrence that can be easily avoided, but often access to ear and hearing healthcare services is limited.

The Tympa System is a highly portable device that empowers domiciliary care workers to deliver: high-definition digital otoscopy, microsuction wax and debris removal using a suction unit*, and a hearing check – from the comfort of a patients home.

How Tympa works for Domiciliary Workers



Andrew Goodwin,
The Clean Ears, Sussex

Andrew-Goodwin-Domiciliary-ear and hearing healthcare-in-community


Andrew Goodwin,
The Clean Ears, Sussex

The Tympa System’s unique ‘Remote Review‘ feature supports both domiciliary worker and patient every step of the way. Clinicians can call on expert advice and guidance from our team of Audiologists and ENT Surgeons, if a second opinion is required. This means that both patient and clinician are supported every step of the way.

My business is focused on domiciliary. I go to people’s homes or care homes and because the system is so portable, it means that I can travel on public transport and go anywhere. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is really simple to use. I like the fact that when I come into a place, I’m not overwhelming a space with lots of equipment, If I were using a traditional piece of equipment, I couldn’t do that. Andrew Goodwin, The Clean Ears
I live in Frome, working with vulnerable people where many residents can’t leave the house to visit their GP or other healthcare providers. I wanted to help them have access to ear and hearing healthcare so started using the Tympa to visit people at their homes. Andrea Brooks, Brooksies Home Services

Find out how you can expand your services to deliver ear and hearing healthcare in your community.

*The Tympa System requires additional accessories to perform the microsuction procedure.