Making ear and hearing
healthcare accessible to all.

The Tympa system is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing healthcare assessment device. It brings together three different diagnostic and treatment systems into one hand-held portable system. With the Tympa system you get: high-definition digital otoscopy for examinations, microsuction for wax and debris removal, and a hearing screening test.

If a user requires a second opinion, they are able to utilise our remote advice and guidance service, Remote Review, where clinicians can send images and videos to ENT and Audiology experts for further analysis. All this is backed up by a fully digital secure system for keeping patient records, which can be quickly and easily shared, via a professional PDF, with ENT surgeons, audiologists or GPs, should the patient need onward specialist treatment.


A better outcome for patients
and better relationships with your
patients or customers.

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Improved Patient Pathway

Hearing loss will overtake diabetes and
cataracts in the UK’s top 10 disease
burdens by 2030.
(Action Plan on Hearing Loss)

Currently, the pathway to ear and hearing healthcare can be both disjointed and relatively inaccessible. Many patients move from appointment to appointment, spread over several weeks, if not months. The average waiting time for patients to receive treatment was 12-16 weeks (pre-covid), this has now grown substantially. Not only that, but most GP’s have also stopped offering wax removal as a service, which has a significant impact on access and wellbeing.

The Tympa system provides a faster, easier route to ear and hearing healthcare. It empowers non-specialists to perform digital otoscopy, microsuction wax removal, and a hearing screener test within a single 30-minute appointment. This not only makes ear and hearing health services more accessible for patients, but it also reduces the number of GP and hospital appointments required by patients, thus lessening the strain on the NHS. Many patients feel relief once wax is removed with hearing often improving. Once the ear is clear from wax or debris, clinicians can then assess the patients overall hearing, with the Tympa system’s hearing screener. Patients can then be recommended further treatment solutions, such as referral or hearing aid fitting, should a hearing loss be present.

The TympaHealth system, with its integrated otoscope and micro-suction wax removal innovation, will enable a simpler, more effective pathway for patients and professionals, leading to less dropout at that crucial first stage. This system has the potential for integration, highly confident diagnosis and earliest support for millions of people who would benefit from hearing health care in England and worldwide. Prof. Adrian Davis, Global Burden of Disease Scientific Lead for Hearing at the World Health Organisation and for England
This has the potential to revolutionise the pathway for people with ear and hearing problems. Mr. Joseph Manjaly, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon
It is the only tool that can combine otoscope micro-suction and hearing test in one device and the potential insights to be gained from tympanic membrane images are huge. This has the potential to change the way both ENT specialists and GPs work improving communication and bridging the division between primary and secondary care. Dr. Luke Pratsidis, General Practitioner

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Diagnose and test patients hearing with faster diagnosis and treatment and reduce waiting times.



Increase the services you offer your customers with regular check ups – because hearing matters.



Support your customers with regular check ups and improve hearing loss with faster diagnosis.



Reduce costs and increase wellbeing with regular check-ups for more engaged, communicative residents.



Expand the services you offer to deliver ear and hearing healthcare to your customers.


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Deliver ear & hearing healthcare services, alongside your existing level of patient care.