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reach pharmacy microsuction with Tympa-edit

“Tympa HD Otoscopy means I can share before & after photos with...

Neeraj from Reach Pharmacy shares how the Tympa HD Otoscopy helps him deliver the best possible service to his patients.

“Demand is high, and my reputation is growing.” – The...

We spoke to Debra, owner of The Holsworthy Foot Health Clinic, who recently expanded her care offering in her community.

TympaHealth about us

Ear and hearing health, on a brand new level

As Tympa continues to grow into new sectors and the US, we’ve refreshed our brand to match where we are...


TLC Care Promotes TympaHealth Service for World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day, 3 March 2032, TLC Care hosted a community event for residents and members of the public to...


Hearing Loss and Dementia?

Hearing Loss and Dementia? How the Tympa system can benefit patients who might be showing signs of dementia.


Hearing loss & social isolation

Hear Hear Wax clear recently treated a patient who had become increasingly socially isolated due to hearing loss caused by...

why cotton buds are bad - feature - tympahealth

Why Cotton Buds are Bad?

why cotton buds are bad - Hear Hear Wax Clear remove a wax build up from a patient made worse...

Avril Soards – Physio Therapist with Tympa feature

Physio Therapists deliver ear and hearing care with Tympa

Physio Therapist Avril Soard’s shares her journey with Tympa and how it has helped her private physio business grow.


Feeney’s Feet and Ear Care

Layla at Feeney’s Feet & Ear Care shares how delivering ear and hearing healthcare with Tympa works for her Foot...

Largue Pharmacy

Largue Pharmacy: “Patients are coming to us first, before going to the...

Gordon at Largue pharmacy shares his motivation to expand his community pharmacy services with Tympa and offers advice to others.

NHSX and Tympa system-feature

NHSX Framework supports digital tools, like the Tympa System

NHSX announces new framework to support the use of digital tools, like the Tympa System, to improve ENT patient pathways...

Norfolk Ear and Foot Clinic - Tympa System Microsuction wax removal feature

Norfolk Ear And Foot Clinic

Sarah at Norfolk Ear and Foot Clinic shares her journey with Tympa and why as a Foot Health Practitioner she...

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